Spend Time With Your Kids As Much As You Can

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 by lucky_witch
They will be forever your children but they will never be kids for long

Pictures were taken during (clockwise left to right )Ati-atihan  festival,
New Years Eve, Christmas Day, watching movie

This is true. No matter how much we want them to stay young, they will soon grow. And all those funny blabbing words they say will turn out to be adult conversations and confrontation that you may not like. All the sweet baby scents will turn out to be adult scent, just like your neighbors! You may not still realize this but sooner than you know, all things will change and soon you'll find yourself missing them.

You may not notice it, but time is passing by so fast and you cant tell how many opportunities to see how your kids grow were and will be missed, just because you think you have better things to do. There are lots of things that keep us busy; wanting to live a comfortable life and provide them a better future can keep us occupied that we forget to live life each day.

Of course we need to work, and provide our family the best future we can give. But I hope that as parents, we see that as much as we find more time to earn money, we lose time for our kids that we can never take back. The key is to know our priorities and find ways to give them enough time.

Every parents have different set-up and work situations. While there are lucky who can afford to be a full time stay at home mom, some are working abroad, while others work in the office. There are also parents who work from home, just like me.

No matter what situations we are in, I'm sure we can work out our schedules and find time to connect with our kids, if we count spending time with them as one of our top priorities.

We live our lives every single day for things that will make us happy, comfortable, or prepared for the future. Why not we prepare ourselves for memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives... things that are free and money cant buy.


Dear Lord,

Im not good with lots of things. 
I am stupid at times and wasted a lot of opportunities
I am sometimes too selfish to notice 
the things that require my attention

But please dont let me miss seeing my kids grow
and waste time worrying too much 
about things that are yet to come
and things left undone

Let me be the mother you want me to be
the mother you expect me to be
and the mother 
I see myself to be

Let me see through your eyes
how wonderful and magical life has been
to the children I call my own
and  the life I know you own