I'll wait

Posted Thursday, October 31, 2013 by lucky_witch
If there is one thing that kids dont have much, that is what we call patience.
But kids nowadays are smarter than we thought. As mom, I've been surprised many times sa pagkamatandain ng mga anak ko.

The other day when I arrived home from Gaisano where I bought some stuff for our mini sari-sari store, me and Baby Snow White had a conversation.

Baby Snow White: Mimmy may tatas na ko (mommy do I have milk now?)
Me: Wala  pa baby, sa mercury kami bibili ni dada 
Baby Snow White: Bili ka na mommy, sige ka baka sumara yun. Kukunin po natin yung doll ko sa taas pa.
Me: That would wait baby, first thing first. Pahinga muna ko ng konti, after pahinga bibili na kami, then we'll get your toy.
(Baby Snow White while making face climbed up and sat on top of the grocery box.I asked her to climb down so I can open the box and unload the groceries.)

Baby Snow White: No mommy, that would wait. First thing first, lets buy milk.
Hehehe, nga nama!.