Baby Snow White is 1 Month Old

Posted Friday, November 26, 2010 by lucky_witch
It seems that only yesterday, we're on our way home with our little bundle of joy.

Now, she's 1 month old!

Can't believe we already spend a month with her.

So of course, I headed myself to buy a cake for her.

And this is her during her special day.

Happy Birthday Baby!!! We love you!!!

My Sleepless Nights

Posted by lucky_witch
We are having trouble with Baby Snow White.

She cries a lot especially at night.

I am sure she's not having colic and she's clean, comfortable and not soaked in her poo. So it bothers me a lot that she's crying most of the time at around 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. When she fell asleep and we put her in bed, she immediately wake up and cry again. And for her to sleep, we have to put her in bed on her stomach. I am aware of the high risk of SIDS that is why I can't sleep peacefully. Almost every half hour, I wake up and see to it that she's sleeping soundly and she's not suffocating herself with pillows. Sometimes, I don't sleep the whole night. I just do my work while she's sleeping and in the morning, her father is the one taking care of her while working as I sleep.
Thank goodness that my work is not time sensitive and I can work anytime I like.

She's not like this 2 weeks ago. She sleeps well on her back. I just don't know what suddenly happen and it changed into this.

I am just hoping that is just  part of her growing and soon things will go back to normal.

When you can't give it all

Posted Thursday, November 25, 2010 by lucky_witch
Yesterday after paying the reservation for the party of Princess Cinderella
I was on my way home when I met this woman with her 4 years old daughter.
She was standing in front of Jollibee and counting some coins in her hand.
Next, I saw her begging coins to people walking in and out of Jollibee.
I looked away, thinking that she's one of those who are begging for coins.
When suddenly, her daughter burst into tears while pointing her hands to Jollibee.
I looked into her eyes and saw a tear or two falling while she was tying to pacify her child.

I don't know what came to me.
I approached them and asked what's wrong.
Without a single thought the woman asked me
"Basi may trenta ka ne? Ako lang gadaea ro imong plastik at htdan kita"
("Do you have 30 pesos? I'll carry your grocery bag for you." )
I asked her what for
She said, its her daughter's 4th birthday and she wanted to eat hamburger and french fries from Jollibee. She wanted to know how it taste.
I was amazed.
But since its her birthday and burger doesn't cost that much
I brought them in.
And I bought  her the cheapest burger value meal.
because that is all that I can afford, hehehe

I was about to go
when the little girl stopped me
She showed me her dress
according to her its a gift form her mother.
Her dress looks old and with some faded parts maybe because of laundry bleach.

Her mother told me it was a relief good she got weeks ago.
She saved it for the special day.
She kissed her daughter in the forehead
and greeted her happy birthday
The little girl smiled at her and then at me...

I was stunned

I met her eyes
she met mine...
and I felt pain crushing in my chest.
The scene was unbearable for a mother like me.

I'm not rich.
But I can bring my kid's to Jollibee anytime they want.
I can buy them clothes and toys and everything they need.
We don't need to beg
We don't need to wait for relief goods

I suddenly pity them
especially the mother
I know she wanted to give more
if only she could...

And how painful is that
for every mother
for every parents
when you know you can't give
what your child wanted for so long

I decided not to talk anymore
I just watched her eat her burger meal
I just watched her enjoy that special moment
I just watched her mother's fulfillment
because she knows she did what she want to do for her child

When I decided to go home
I handed the mother a 200 peso bill
It was suppose to be for my shirt

But having the opportunity to witness
a deeper sense of love from a mother to her child
what is 200 pesos...
and I know
that my money
will be used to buy
better than a shirt

Princess Cinderella is Turning 6!

Posted by lucky_witch
Few days from now, our Princess Cinderella is turning 6!

She doesn't know that she'll be having a birthday party. One time, we told her that we will give Baby Snow White in exchange for a birthday party. Since then, she keeps on telling us that it doesn't matter if there's no birthday party as long as we keep our Baby Snow White.


She loves her so much.

But as a mom, I am trying to give them the best that I can give. It's her birthday, and I'll try to make it unforgettable for her.

Earlier today, I went to Jollibee and paid the reservation fee for her birthday. I chose Jollibee since first, it's her favorite. Second, I can control the numbers of guests to invite and I have a better excuse for not inviting everyone but the kids.

The venue has a maximum capacity of 50 guests!

Then we ordered her birthday cake.

I know she'll know it soon.

I'm sure she'll be happy. =)

Ticking Ticker Tick and Tick

Posted Monday, November 22, 2010 by lucky_witch
Hello everyone!

Just looking at my blog, I realized that the ticker I used while waiting for my two princesses to come home from vacation last May is WAS still on my blog. Silly me! So the poor ticker started counting down for the next May 2011!

Stop scrolling down, I removed it already hehehe.
Poor ticker... overworked.

Have you ever used countdown ticker to your blog or social networking accounts?

Me? I love using ticker.

I used it before while doing countdown for the birth of Princess Snow White and I'm not removing it yet.
I am planning to find a nice ticker for my 3 Princesses again for their birthdays.

You can even use it to count how many years, months, weeks and days you've been married.
Nice and sweet di ba?

If you want to try some tickers, you can find one @ lilypie  and disney tickers.
Have fun!


Posted Wednesday, November 3, 2010 by lucky_witch
Well, after months of debating, convincing and not to mention fighting with my beloved frog prince, he finally agreed to my "bunk bed" idea for our bed. If you know him, he is really hard to convince.  

But he knows me too well. I would insist if I want it badly. Even if I have to cry a thousand river, convince him every hour or do bargains just to get his approval. I am not sure how and why, but one day he told me that he canvassed for the kind of bed I like.

Trying to act innocent, I asked him if we are going to buy it. He said yes. I actually want to shout Yehey, but knowing Dada, although he's my frog prince, he also has the jolly monkey attitude and loves teasing and making fun of me.

Without saying it, I know he thinks it's another jologs idea of mine, hahaha!

Don't think that way too. For me, it's just practical since we are sharing a small room with our kids, it would be more comfortable for us to sleep. Although we bought Princess Snow White her crib, she's still sleeping with us because I am breastfeeding her.

Did it justify my idea? hahaha!
Dada won't buy that, he knows I'm good in reasoning.
And he knows ever since, I like that kind of bed.

Anyway, I won. The bed was delivered and that was the time I literally did the monkey dance (inside the bathroom)

At least now, no more mommy's dilemma!
Do the monkey dance!