What if...

Posted Wednesday, September 29, 2010 by lucky_witch
Weeks to go and I'm soon to be a mother of 3.

I am excited but worried at the same time.

Don't get me wrong. I love to have a baby... been waiting for her too long.

This is my third CS.

And though I am praying that things will be fine, fears of what may happen haunts me.

What if there is a problem with our baby?
What if I die?
What will happen to my two other kids? or with the baby?

We are all excited for the birth of our baby. What if the suppose to be a happy day becomes a nightmare to all of us?

God, please keep my baby safe and warm...
until the time that she is with us
Please tell her to be strong for us
coz she's never alone...
We're all waiting for her 
and no matter what happen
I'll do whatever it takes...
give whatever I have
just to bring her out safely

Mom's dilemma

Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2010 by lucky_witch
Its 12 a.m. and it's not surprising that I'm still awake.
This cute nugget inside my tummy seems to enjoy dancing at night PLUS I'm having this dilemma of having a bed-- a real bed.

At anak ng kamoteng pagong, tulog na tulog ang frog prince habang ako isip ng isip!!! Patulugin ko kaya sa labas para matauhan!
 In fairness, cute pag tulog, froggylicous! Kakawala ng inis. 

Back to my sentiments.
Actually, I am dreaming of having it this year, preferably before October because we are soon to have a new "boarder" in this room and I don't have any idea how we could fit sleep in our tiny sleeping foam and tiny room.

Syet! September na kaya!

But I have to admit it, we don't have extra budget for that, since we are still trying to save for my upcoming CS operation. As we all know, I'm too stupid not to secure myself in terms of health card or even Philhealth card which is a big help in  hospital bills  related situations. Well, that's another story.

Back to my dilemma, I'm still thinking of ways or should I say remedy for our soon-to-be sleeping problem until we are "financially free" to buy one. (When will it be???)
Can we sleep crisscross? Or should we take turns in sleeping?
As of now-- I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!