Baby Snow White turns 2

Posted Monday, December 27, 2010 by lucky_witch
Yes, time flies really fast!
In a blink of an eye, she's two months already.

It's a mix feeling honestly.

She's growing too fast and I'm afraid that I'll miss her being this small...

and cute...

When she's older, I really gonna miss this.

Anyway, we celebrated her birthday as usual with my mom cooking. I'm gonna miss this as Mom will be leaving soon.

Anyway, here are the birthday pics of our birthday girl.

Baby Snow White with the frog prince

Snow White with my mom and dad, Pretty Ariel, Sweet Cinderella and her Ninong Buchoy

Paid Already

Posted Thursday, December 2, 2010 by lucky_witch
I've heard a lot of comments regarding my decision to celebrate Sweet Cinderella's Birthday at Jollibee. We could have saved money if we spent it in our house. I myself felt the same. Of course gastos (expenses) is much smaller if we just cooked in our house and do all the stuff. But I also know that it is so nakakapagod (tiring) and not to mention stressful.

But that is not my main concern. It would be fine with me no matter how tiring it could be, as long as I know my kids are enjoying it. But Sweet Cinderella wanted it badly to celebrate her birthday at Jollibee. Although I know she would not contest if I tell her to just celebrate it in our house, since she knows that I just gave birth and we have no money, hehehe. I told it already in one of  my previous posts. I have heard several times from her that someday she wants to spend her birthday at Jollibee like her ate. (older sister)

As a mom, if I could, I would grant every wish they have in their tiny hearts.

Seeing this smile...

Priceless! The hell with all the comments!

Sweet Cinderella with her ate, Pretty Ariel 
and of course... Jollibee!

Baby Snow White is 1 Month Old

Posted Friday, November 26, 2010 by lucky_witch
It seems that only yesterday, we're on our way home with our little bundle of joy.

Now, she's 1 month old!

Can't believe we already spend a month with her.

So of course, I headed myself to buy a cake for her.

And this is her during her special day.

Happy Birthday Baby!!! We love you!!!

My Sleepless Nights

Posted by lucky_witch
We are having trouble with Baby Snow White.

She cries a lot especially at night.

I am sure she's not having colic and she's clean, comfortable and not soaked in her poo. So it bothers me a lot that she's crying most of the time at around 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. When she fell asleep and we put her in bed, she immediately wake up and cry again. And for her to sleep, we have to put her in bed on her stomach. I am aware of the high risk of SIDS that is why I can't sleep peacefully. Almost every half hour, I wake up and see to it that she's sleeping soundly and she's not suffocating herself with pillows. Sometimes, I don't sleep the whole night. I just do my work while she's sleeping and in the morning, her father is the one taking care of her while working as I sleep.
Thank goodness that my work is not time sensitive and I can work anytime I like.

She's not like this 2 weeks ago. She sleeps well on her back. I just don't know what suddenly happen and it changed into this.

I am just hoping that is just  part of her growing and soon things will go back to normal.

When you can't give it all

Posted Thursday, November 25, 2010 by lucky_witch
Yesterday after paying the reservation for the party of Princess Cinderella
I was on my way home when I met this woman with her 4 years old daughter.
She was standing in front of Jollibee and counting some coins in her hand.
Next, I saw her begging coins to people walking in and out of Jollibee.
I looked away, thinking that she's one of those who are begging for coins.
When suddenly, her daughter burst into tears while pointing her hands to Jollibee.
I looked into her eyes and saw a tear or two falling while she was tying to pacify her child.

I don't know what came to me.
I approached them and asked what's wrong.
Without a single thought the woman asked me
"Basi may trenta ka ne? Ako lang gadaea ro imong plastik at htdan kita"
("Do you have 30 pesos? I'll carry your grocery bag for you." )
I asked her what for
She said, its her daughter's 4th birthday and she wanted to eat hamburger and french fries from Jollibee. She wanted to know how it taste.
I was amazed.
But since its her birthday and burger doesn't cost that much
I brought them in.
And I bought  her the cheapest burger value meal.
because that is all that I can afford, hehehe

I was about to go
when the little girl stopped me
She showed me her dress
according to her its a gift form her mother.
Her dress looks old and with some faded parts maybe because of laundry bleach.

Her mother told me it was a relief good she got weeks ago.
She saved it for the special day.
She kissed her daughter in the forehead
and greeted her happy birthday
The little girl smiled at her and then at me...

I was stunned

I met her eyes
she met mine...
and I felt pain crushing in my chest.
The scene was unbearable for a mother like me.

I'm not rich.
But I can bring my kid's to Jollibee anytime they want.
I can buy them clothes and toys and everything they need.
We don't need to beg
We don't need to wait for relief goods

I suddenly pity them
especially the mother
I know she wanted to give more
if only she could...

And how painful is that
for every mother
for every parents
when you know you can't give
what your child wanted for so long

I decided not to talk anymore
I just watched her eat her burger meal
I just watched her enjoy that special moment
I just watched her mother's fulfillment
because she knows she did what she want to do for her child

When I decided to go home
I handed the mother a 200 peso bill
It was suppose to be for my shirt

But having the opportunity to witness
a deeper sense of love from a mother to her child
what is 200 pesos...
and I know
that my money
will be used to buy
better than a shirt

Princess Cinderella is Turning 6!

Posted by lucky_witch
Few days from now, our Princess Cinderella is turning 6!

She doesn't know that she'll be having a birthday party. One time, we told her that we will give Baby Snow White in exchange for a birthday party. Since then, she keeps on telling us that it doesn't matter if there's no birthday party as long as we keep our Baby Snow White.


She loves her so much.

But as a mom, I am trying to give them the best that I can give. It's her birthday, and I'll try to make it unforgettable for her.

Earlier today, I went to Jollibee and paid the reservation fee for her birthday. I chose Jollibee since first, it's her favorite. Second, I can control the numbers of guests to invite and I have a better excuse for not inviting everyone but the kids.

The venue has a maximum capacity of 50 guests!

Then we ordered her birthday cake.

I know she'll know it soon.

I'm sure she'll be happy. =)

Ticking Ticker Tick and Tick

Posted Monday, November 22, 2010 by lucky_witch
Hello everyone!

Just looking at my blog, I realized that the ticker I used while waiting for my two princesses to come home from vacation last May is WAS still on my blog. Silly me! So the poor ticker started counting down for the next May 2011!

Stop scrolling down, I removed it already hehehe.
Poor ticker... overworked.

Have you ever used countdown ticker to your blog or social networking accounts?

Me? I love using ticker.

I used it before while doing countdown for the birth of Princess Snow White and I'm not removing it yet.
I am planning to find a nice ticker for my 3 Princesses again for their birthdays.

You can even use it to count how many years, months, weeks and days you've been married.
Nice and sweet di ba?

If you want to try some tickers, you can find one @ lilypie  and disney tickers.
Have fun!


Posted Wednesday, November 3, 2010 by lucky_witch
Well, after months of debating, convincing and not to mention fighting with my beloved frog prince, he finally agreed to my "bunk bed" idea for our bed. If you know him, he is really hard to convince.  

But he knows me too well. I would insist if I want it badly. Even if I have to cry a thousand river, convince him every hour or do bargains just to get his approval. I am not sure how and why, but one day he told me that he canvassed for the kind of bed I like.

Trying to act innocent, I asked him if we are going to buy it. He said yes. I actually want to shout Yehey, but knowing Dada, although he's my frog prince, he also has the jolly monkey attitude and loves teasing and making fun of me.

Without saying it, I know he thinks it's another jologs idea of mine, hahaha!

Don't think that way too. For me, it's just practical since we are sharing a small room with our kids, it would be more comfortable for us to sleep. Although we bought Princess Snow White her crib, she's still sleeping with us because I am breastfeeding her.

Did it justify my idea? hahaha!
Dada won't buy that, he knows I'm good in reasoning.
And he knows ever since, I like that kind of bed.

Anyway, I won. The bed was delivered and that was the time I literally did the monkey dance (inside the bathroom)

At least now, no more mommy's dilemma!
Do the monkey dance!

Welcome To The New Princess

Posted Tuesday, October 26, 2010 by lucky_witch
After 9 months of waiting, I'm glad to announce the birth of the new princess in our family-- Princess Anika!

We have waited so long for her. And now, finally the wait is over. My 2 other princesses were too excited to see their little sister for the first time. They've been waiting for her too. In fact, they were there when I got admitted in the hospital, and even slept with us when we roomed in the baby.

What if...

Posted Wednesday, September 29, 2010 by lucky_witch
Weeks to go and I'm soon to be a mother of 3.

I am excited but worried at the same time.

Don't get me wrong. I love to have a baby... been waiting for her too long.

This is my third CS.

And though I am praying that things will be fine, fears of what may happen haunts me.

What if there is a problem with our baby?
What if I die?
What will happen to my two other kids? or with the baby?

We are all excited for the birth of our baby. What if the suppose to be a happy day becomes a nightmare to all of us?

God, please keep my baby safe and warm...
until the time that she is with us
Please tell her to be strong for us
coz she's never alone...
We're all waiting for her 
and no matter what happen
I'll do whatever it takes...
give whatever I have
just to bring her out safely

Mom's dilemma

Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2010 by lucky_witch
Its 12 a.m. and it's not surprising that I'm still awake.
This cute nugget inside my tummy seems to enjoy dancing at night PLUS I'm having this dilemma of having a bed-- a real bed.

At anak ng kamoteng pagong, tulog na tulog ang frog prince habang ako isip ng isip!!! Patulugin ko kaya sa labas para matauhan!
 In fairness, cute pag tulog, froggylicous! Kakawala ng inis. 

Back to my sentiments.
Actually, I am dreaming of having it this year, preferably before October because we are soon to have a new "boarder" in this room and I don't have any idea how we could fit sleep in our tiny sleeping foam and tiny room.

Syet! September na kaya!

But I have to admit it, we don't have extra budget for that, since we are still trying to save for my upcoming CS operation. As we all know, I'm too stupid not to secure myself in terms of health card or even Philhealth card which is a big help in  hospital bills  related situations. Well, that's another story.

Back to my dilemma, I'm still thinking of ways or should I say remedy for our soon-to-be sleeping problem until we are "financially free" to buy one. (When will it be???)
Can we sleep crisscross? Or should we take turns in sleeping?
As of now-- I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!

First Day of School

Posted Tuesday, June 15, 2010 by lucky_witch
It's first day of school today and Princess Ariel and Princess Cinderella are so excited. We woke up at around 6 in the morning, took a bath and ate breakfast then head on to school. But before we left, I took some of their pictures so I can share it here with you.

I am on a rush now, so I will do the posting of pictures later. I've got to fetch them at school to eat ang change clothes and send them back again for their afternoon class. Princess Cinderella will be taking her SRA test later in the afternoon, so I have to make sure that I am there.

For the past few days, we've been busy preparing their things for school. But I admit, it was fun.

So see you later guys!

I'm missing my kids...

Posted Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by lucky_witch
It's been a week since my kids went to vacation. 6 more weeks before I can finally have them back here. Although we regularly call, twice a day without a missed to be exact, I still miss them.

I know moms out there would definitely understand what I am going through. Just like right now, I am feeling the same old missing moments and thought of sharing it here.

Now I'm thinking, how about thousands of mom out there working abroad to give their family a good life. How much do they have to go through before finally telling themselves, "I'm fine now".

6 weeks is not that much. But it seems forever to me.

Holy Week

Posted Saturday, April 3, 2010 by lucky_witch
It's Holy Week. How did you spend your Holy Week?

This year, we didn't go anywhere. Unlike last year, together with the whole family, we went to Mount Manduyog, for Station of the Cross. And then we went to Mount Tigayon to watch the view of Aklan River. It was really tiring. And now, since I am pregnant and it's not advisable to climb mountain, we decided to stay at home.

Here are some pics we got during the last year Lenten Season:

Mount Manduyog

Mount Tigayon

Yesterday was the 65th birthday of Nanay Liza. We cooked Pancit without pork, only shrimp, we also cooked relyenong bangus and gelatin. We planned to buy ice cream but we can't find one. Sold out according to Mercury Drugstore, while the other stores are closed. We watched the church procession at night.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and of course I'm planning to cook some eggs to join the celebration of the Easter Sunday, Easter Egg. I'll be giving my kids one egg each later and will let them paint it and give it some life.

Another School Year Is Over

Posted Tuesday, March 30, 2010 by lucky_witch
Another school year is over. My princesses ended the school year with flying colors.

Princess Cinderella graduated from the kindergarten. She received Outstanding Student Award, Best in Performing Arts, and Twinklers of the Year.

Princess Ariel received the 3rd Honor award, Model Girl Award and Star Scout of the Year. She's been holding the Model Girl Award since kindergarten.

When you trust too much

Posted Monday, March 8, 2010 by lucky_witch
This is indeed a sad day for us. If you've been reading my blog, you may recall me mentioning about "Peachy" the nanny and hairstylist of my princesses. I like her a lot, in fact even if she was supposed to work here for a month as temporary replacement to one of our helper, I decided to keep her. I trusted her with almost anything-- our store, our cellphones, etc.But that came to an end. 
Yesterday, Mymy, one of our helper noticed that a large amount of load was missing. No records were found and so is the money. I have asked Peachy and she said she didn't know anything about it. I logged on to smart and access my loading account to view the transaction history. And there I found out that Peachy was the one responsible for the missing loads. It was not actually lost, she used it and delete the transaction record, hoping that I wouldn't find out about it. I studied everything and found out that she'd been doing that for a couple of days. I immediately talked to her, she denied but later on confessed that she did it. I asked her to bring out her things, including her wallet. And that woman, she has lots of money, more than what I know she has! Of course, I knew it, it all came from the store. And from her room, we found plastics of chips, candies, breads that I know was from the store. We also found the container of the money that was missing weeks ago.Oh My!
I got mad, at that precise moment, I want to send her out. But I choose to be more rational, so I decided to keep her until this morning.  I called her auntie, the one who brought her here and told her everything that happen. I let Peachy go, even if she was pleading for a second chance.
It is really hard to trust someone and later realize that you're being fooled. I can give her a second chance but I know I can't trust her anymore. I feel bad about it, really bad.
Why is it that sometimes people just throw their honesty  that easily?

We're Going To Have A Baby

Posted Monday, February 22, 2010 by lucky_witch
It's confirmed!

Dada and I are going to have a baby!

3 highly sensitive pregnancy test kits confirmed that we are going to have a baby, but still I'm not convinced. Since it's Saturday and I know that my OB's clinic is closed, I brought Dada and Princess Cinderella with me to another OB and have her confirmed it to my face.

 Minsan may ka-eng-engan akong taglay

Then my next question that brought the OB's jaw dropped was "Can I have an ultrasound today?"

She said that my little nugget is maybe around 3-4 weeks old and its not yet advisable to do the ultrasound.

Of course naman, alam ko yun... pang 3rd pregnancy ko na ito.
How can I be so stupid? 
Madalas Minsan may ka-eng-engan akong taglay

So forget about my secret stupidity, It's time to celebrate!

Allow your kids to do artwork

Posted Wednesday, February 17, 2010 by lucky_witch
Artwork is very important for motor skills development of children. It allows them to express easily what they feel that allows us to understand them better. Artwork also improves child's creativity and awareness to the things that surrounds them. Sometimes our kids express a myriad of emotions some of which are not always socially acceptable to demonstrate to others. Artwork is an outlet where children are free to express their emotions in a safe and contained environment.As parents, many of us are surprised at what our kids have drawn at school as artwork helps in reflecting our kid's inner thoughts that we don't usually see surfacing them. Art can also be a portal into our kid's emotional and mental landscape that would otherwise be difficult to connect with as in the case of those who are disabled or challenged in some way.

If we are paying close attention to it, a child's art will show their strengths, weaknesses and general interests as well as their emotional mien. Profound and intense therapy can be performed, conducted and augmented with the introduction of art in a child's life.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that as parents we make sure that we encourage and facilitate our kids to this form of self-expression.

So with this, allow me to show you the artworks of my princesses:

This one is by Princess Cinderella

This one is by Princess Ariel

Hair Do Of The Day

Posted Tuesday, February 16, 2010 by lucky_witch
So, for today another hair do of my princesses courtesy of Peachy.

Princess Cinderella

Princess Ariel

The Princesses with Jollibee

Posted Monday, February 15, 2010 by lucky_witch
It's Monday and my first time to take part of Mellow Yellow Monday.

Here is a picture of my two princesses with Jollibee. This was taken during the birthday celebration of Princess Ariel held at Jollibee last January. My two Disney Princesses really love Jollibee. Believe me, just right after the party I was contracted by Princess Cinderella that her birthday should be a Jollibee Party too, and that's by November. lol!


A Princess Hair Do???

Posted by lucky_witch
For her afternoon class, Princess Ariel had a princess hair do courtesy of her nanny sometimes converted to hair stylist "Peachy". I can't help but tease my darling princess for her "majestic look". But she's not affected, she loves her hair do. I took some photos of her before going to school.

Today is Monday and Monday is Today

Posted by lucky_witch
It's Monday today. Meaning, there will be classes for both Princess Cinderella and Princess Ariel and even for every kids around the neighborhood. I've been watching the street and notice people on their way to work and school in a hurry. Monday is usually the mark of a new working week. As a full time online worker with flexible schedule, Monday usually doesn't have the same impact to me as to other moms out there with regular day job. As a matter of fact, I consider it my rest day.

Sigh... It's Monday and I love it. How about you?

Valentines Card

Posted Sunday, February 14, 2010 by lucky_witch

So, I've got this Valentines card from my princesses early today, sweet!
Cute Princess Cinderella who is in preschool created Valentines card days ago during their activity hours in their classroom. While Princess Ariel did the stuff on her own last night.

My two Disney princesses never fail to make greeting cards whenever there is an occasion. Birthday, Christmas, Valentines, name it, you'll be sure to get one from them.

This one is from Princess Ariel
This one is from Princess Cinderella

Lucky Witch: The witch with a luck!

Posted by lucky_witch
It's hearts day today and today I decided to start writing for this blog. I really love this domain name, because it is my "screen name" in the bloghospere ever since I started my online life years ago.
Some of you may wonder where the hell did I get that screen name. I'm not a witch that you see on TV, with a broom and doing some abracadabra, magic spells and potion. So if you're thinking of consulting me for love potion, forget it!
So where did I get the word "witch"?
Strange as it may sound but believe me, I'm as strange as a witch.
Back in college,there are some friends who used to call me sissy witch. According to them, I'm the weirdest person in the world. I don't get mad when I suppose to be, unpredictable, and often times what they expect won't happen, even if there were solid clues around.
It's not new to me hearing questions like, "How did you do that?", "Are you serious?", "Are you out of your mind?"etc..., etc...
I know at this point, I'm causing some frowning face out there. But let us leave it this way for the mean time. As you walk with me through this blog, you will understand why I am I using a strange screen name like this.

Welcome to the world of a witch with a luck!