Baby Snow White turns 2

Posted Monday, December 27, 2010 by lucky_witch
Yes, time flies really fast!
In a blink of an eye, she's two months already.

It's a mix feeling honestly.

She's growing too fast and I'm afraid that I'll miss her being this small...

and cute...

When she's older, I really gonna miss this.

Anyway, we celebrated her birthday as usual with my mom cooking. I'm gonna miss this as Mom will be leaving soon.

Anyway, here are the birthday pics of our birthday girl.

Baby Snow White with the frog prince

Snow White with my mom and dad, Pretty Ariel, Sweet Cinderella and her Ninong Buchoy

Paid Already

Posted Thursday, December 2, 2010 by lucky_witch
I've heard a lot of comments regarding my decision to celebrate Sweet Cinderella's Birthday at Jollibee. We could have saved money if we spent it in our house. I myself felt the same. Of course gastos (expenses) is much smaller if we just cooked in our house and do all the stuff. But I also know that it is so nakakapagod (tiring) and not to mention stressful.

But that is not my main concern. It would be fine with me no matter how tiring it could be, as long as I know my kids are enjoying it. But Sweet Cinderella wanted it badly to celebrate her birthday at Jollibee. Although I know she would not contest if I tell her to just celebrate it in our house, since she knows that I just gave birth and we have no money, hehehe. I told it already in one of  my previous posts. I have heard several times from her that someday she wants to spend her birthday at Jollibee like her ate. (older sister)

As a mom, if I could, I would grant every wish they have in their tiny hearts.

Seeing this smile...

Priceless! The hell with all the comments!

Sweet Cinderella with her ate, Pretty Ariel 
and of course... Jollibee!