What is really with Jollibee?

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012 by lucky_witch
My kids love Jollibee so much ( and I do too)
Whenever we go out and we ask them where they want to eat, without a doubt they will answer me Jollibee.  Even my 2 years old toddler loves Jollibee so much.

One day:

Me: We're going out.
Sweet Cinderella: Ok
Pretty Ariel: Ok mommy
Baby Snow White: My... bee? (translation bee=Jollibee)
Me: No, we will just buy groceries.
Baby Snow White: Yehey!

( Baby Snow White associate going out with jollibee)

After we reached Gaisano Mall Kalibo we went straight to grocery section. While I was paying the stuff, my kids were busy watching people passing by.

Sweet Cinderella is looking at the baby

Me: Do you guys want to eat merienda, a hotdog, siomai and ice cream?
Sweet Cinderella: Yes mommy
then the 3 of them started walking away...
Me: (puzzled) Where are you going?
They responded in chorus: Jollibee
Although I wanted to eat somewhere else, I just went with the flow :D

So, how much love do they have for Jollibee?

Baby Snow White says...

This much!

Red is Love

Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2012 by lucky_witch
Red is love, who can deny it?

Ruby Tuesday
Last September, we attended the wedding of Kim and Ralph. Their color motif were black and red. Baby Snow White was one of the flower girls, unfortunately she wasn't allowed to walk down the aisle because of her age. 
Im a one proud mama!

Mellow Yellow Monday: Polka Dots Baby

Posted Monday, November 19, 2012 by lucky_witch
Its Monday today
the sun is high
and the day is bright
so you guys deserve
a happy polka dots Monday greeting

from your polka dots Monday baby-- Baby Snow White
Have a blessed Monday everyone!


More on less

Posted Sunday, November 18, 2012 by lucky_witch
I think its almost a month now since we had no yaya and maid at home. It was not planned and never really thought it would happen. I was trying to search for a maid, but can't find one. I also considered hiring from an agency but the cost is 2 times higher plus the agency fees are sky high also.

My mom and dad is still here but Im contemplating to the thoughts that things will be a lot difficult once they left. We have a small sari-sari store, a full time online job, laundry and cooking to do. assignments to check, and kids and house to take care of. Im not sure if I can do it by myself by then. I am positive that I can, its just that I have to prioritize things and let go of what is not needed. But its easier said than done, di ba? I cant imagine how our house would look like when the time comes and the thoughts of it already freaked out my mom.

It is an advantage that the Frog Prince and I are working from home. Although we have maid and yaya before, we were still sure that nothing fishy going on in our house. But I have to agree to the fact that although having house helpers have advantages,  there are also disadvantages. It is more expensive having house  helpers and (just now I learned) we need to check from time to time that they were doing as instructed. Our washing machine which we both just this April is already broken... and I didn't learn about it until our maid was gone.  I thought our maid was only concern and was trying to help me save some electricity charges.You can imagine me turning into Hulk the moment I realized how stupid I was.

Baby Snow White didn't like her yaya also. She always cry and whines a lot whenever we leave her to her yaya. I am pretty sure that her yaya was nice but the fact that she's only 19, she doesn't know how to play or deal with a naughty toddler.
Watching TV while waiting for mommy

Now that we are the one taking care of her, I can say Baby Snow White is a happier toddler. She plays a lot, enjoys her bath all the time, and cries and whines less. We save a lot from cooking oil to detergents and even to dish washing soap and napkins. (yes, my maid was using my personal napkins!)
With all the good things that is happening, the frog Prince believes that we will be needing another maid as managing the whole stuff will be a lot stressful esp when my parents are gone. And I agree sigh!

But I do think that next time, I'll be more in control. Entrusting everything to them is not a good idea. At least I dont have the problems like worrying that my kids are left with the alone. Being a WAHM has many advantages, but that deserves another post.