I'll wait

Posted Thursday, October 31, 2013 by lucky_witch
If there is one thing that kids dont have much, that is what we call patience.
But kids nowadays are smarter than we thought. As mom, I've been surprised many times sa pagkamatandain ng mga anak ko.

The other day when I arrived home from Gaisano where I bought some stuff for our mini sari-sari store, me and Baby Snow White had a conversation.

Baby Snow White: Mimmy may tatas na ko (mommy do I have milk now?)
Me: Wala  pa baby, sa mercury kami bibili ni dada 
Baby Snow White: Bili ka na mommy, sige ka baka sumara yun. Kukunin po natin yung doll ko sa taas pa.
Me: That would wait baby, first thing first. Pahinga muna ko ng konti, after pahinga bibili na kami, then we'll get your toy.
(Baby Snow White while making face climbed up and sat on top of the grocery box.I asked her to climb down so I can open the box and unload the groceries.)

Baby Snow White: No mommy, that would wait. First thing first, lets buy milk.
Hehehe, nga nama!.

Notable conversation series: sunog

Posted Monday, September 2, 2013 by lucky_witch
...The Frog Prince was unable to fetch us from school so we have to ride a tricycle. From the daycare center, we need to walk across this.

Basketball court near the daycare center
Baby Snow White's class ends around 11:30 am when the sun is shining ng bongang-bonga.

Come uwian time, the sun was shining brightly and was too hot. 
While walking...
Baby Snow White: (touching her head) mommy, init ulo ko.
Me: opo beh, kaya bilisan na natin. 
Baby Snow White: susunog ako mommy ha?
Me: hehehe

Diaper love - Prokids and Pampers Active Baby

Posted Saturday, August 3, 2013 by lucky_witch
Note: This is not a sponsored post. As in purely "based on experience " review lang talaga.

I just think that since I'm using these brands for years, I can swear to my grave that they really work for me and my kids, so I just thought of sharing it here. When Pretty Ariel and Sweet Cinderella were babies, I only trusted one diaper brand for them-- Prokids. Tried and tested and their skin never ever got irritated nor I've seen diaper rash on them. 

I was thinking kung paano ko nga ba nadiscover or kung sino nag-introduce sa akin ng Prokids, kasi I can't remember any of their commercials (meron nga ba?). Then it got into me that nobody did. Its just that I think during that time, it was the only brand na nakita ko na merong newborn size. Pretty Ariel was so small when I gave birth to her kaya kahit yung small size eh malaki sa kanya.Yun na yun!

When Baby Snow White was born, I did the same thing. Although marami ng mga brands na may New Born Size, nag stick pa din ako sa Prokids. Until one day, out of stock ang Prokids. Nasubukan ko na yata lahat ng klase ng diapers pero nagkakarashes si Baby Snow White, until I've tried Pampers Active Baby. Sobrang hiyang si Baby Snow White, that even may stock na uli ang Prokids, di na ako nagpalit. Pampers Active Baby kasi is much cheaper compared to Prokids. Not sure lang kung meron silang New Born size pa. But what I like with Prokids eh yung wetness indicator na nagfafade kapag wet na si baby. Yun naman ang wala sa Pampers Active Baby. Pero both of these diapers are very hard working when it comes in keeping Baby Snow White's skin dry.

Here is Baby Snow White with her Prokids diaper.
Every month I took a photo of her on top of the diaper. Just for fun!

I also have some pictures with Pampers Active baby, unfortunately, I cant find them... lol!

Now Im wondering kung saang planeta galing ang Prokids, kasi parang wala man lang syang commercial o advertisements. But anyway, I like it so much. But just in case malapit na syang magdisappear sa mundo, (very limited groceries mo na lang kasi siya makikita eh) at least may Pampers active baby naman.

Passing the Crown Fever - so excited!

Posted Tuesday, July 30, 2013 by lucky_witch
Hindi ako mapakali! The stage mom in me is restless and over excited.
Pretty Ariel will be passing her crown tomorrow for the New Miss Nutrition for this school year.
Hindi lang yun, this is the first time she will be visiting her old school after her graduation last March. I am excited for her.

We just rented her gown, and here is how it looks.

I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it ♪ ♫ 

Sorry! Im so giddy. Will post her pics tomorrow.

Stray dogs

Posted Wednesday, July 10, 2013 by lucky_witch
I noticed a lot of strayed dogs outside the Daycare Center where Baby Snow White is studying.

I do think that we have laws regarding stray dogs.

Sometimes i'm scared that one of these dogs will snap at students while they are playing. If that would happen, who will shoulder the expenses for anti-rabies shot or for whatever medical assistance the child would need?

Funny that the barangay office is just a few steps away from the daycare center yet they are not doing any action for this.

Is it going to rain?

Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2013 by lucky_witch
Im waiting for Baby Snow White outside the Daycare Center when I noticed this:

Is it going to rain?

Sheeeeet! Wala akong payong.


Posted Tuesday, June 4, 2013 by lucky_witch
Baby Snow White can be very good in mulititasking, I suppose!


Take a look:

She was playing happily then all of the sudden, ganito na siya.

multitasking right?

Can't sleep

Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2013 by lucky_witch
Baby Snow White has fever the whole day yesterday even during bedtime. I took her temperature and its 39.1. Pakshet!

I hate it when my kids are sick. I cant sleep because I want to make sure everything is alright.So right now its its 3:30 am and Im still awake. I wont mind staying up the whole night but I am hoping she gets better by the morning. 


Posted Sunday, May 5, 2013 by lucky_witch
Baby Snow White

Remember My Child #1

Posted Tuesday, April 16, 2013 by lucky_witch

The Easter & The Egg

Posted Sunday, March 31, 2013 by lucky_witch
Hi guys! How's your Sunday?
I was thinking of joining the "Salubong Procession" pero I am not really a morning person so katakot-takot na will ang kailangan ko para magawa yun. And also, since Salubong is an easter dawn celebration, there is no way I can go to the nearest church because there is no tricycle pa sa ganung oras. And it is super scary to just walk the distance of around 3 KM from our house to the church.
We dont have a ride, ya know!

For the benefit of those who don't know what "Salubong" is, I've googled it for you:

Salubong is practiced in most Catholic communities across the Philippines, though it is more famously celebrated in the provinces, especially in Cebu, Angono in Rizal, Pampanga, and Naga in Camarines Sur.

The ritual recreates the imagined first meeting of Jesus and Mary after the resurrection.

As per tradition, it begins with two separate processions, where images of the Mater Dolorosa and the Resurrected Christ are carried from opposite ends.

“The womenfolk bring the statue of the Blessed Mother, covered in a black veil [called a lambong, a veil of mourning]. The menfolk carry the statue of the Resurrected Christ,” said Ronald Subida, an organizer of the Salubong in Poblacion, Makati.

Eventually, the two processions will meet at a middle point, during which an angel will lift the black veil from the face of the image of the Blessed Mother. The angel is played by a young girl from the community, and is typically suspended mid-air from inside a giant paper flower.

At the precise moment that the veil is lifted, the Hallelujah Chorus is played, and celebration ensues. In some places, such as in Poblacion, there are even fireworks. Usually, the event continues to an Easter morning mass.

The event is prepared for at least a week in advance, and the children who participate in it usually begin memorizing and practicing the processional songs as soon as school ends.

Source: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/254165/lifestyle/culture/easter-salubong-rooted-in-culture-family-ties

When I was young, my mom always take me with her. For the few years that I remember, the crowd is always thick and my mom never let go of my hand all throughout the procession. I remember myself trying to keep up with my mom because Im afraid I'll be taken by the crowd in another direction. It was one of the best childhood memories I have.

Now, we usually celebrate Easter at home. I have the "panata" of cooking eggs and giving them away to my relatives in the neighborhood.

And today is just like the past Easter Sundays.

Let's photo blog, shall we?

Early this morning, I boiled 2 trays of eggs. Here are my kids painting the boiled eggs. We just let it stand for around  half an hour or until the eggs were cold enough to hold. They were in a hurry because we need to distribute the eggs

These are the eggs after the drawing and painting session. I think they painted 2 trays of eggs. (So that is around 60 eggs)

Here is Baby Snow White trying to imitate the face of the egg just before she ate it!

Here is Sweet Cinderella doing her share of egg pose!

 And last but not the least, Pretty Ariel with her beloved egg.

So it is not just a celebration of the resurrection of our Lord, but also a perfect time to bond with the kids. :D

How about you? How did you celebrate your Easter Sunday.

Spend Time With Your Kids As Much As You Can

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 by lucky_witch
They will be forever your children but they will never be kids for long

Pictures were taken during (clockwise left to right )Ati-atihan  festival,
New Years Eve, Christmas Day, watching movie

This is true. No matter how much we want them to stay young, they will soon grow. And all those funny blabbing words they say will turn out to be adult conversations and confrontation that you may not like. All the sweet baby scents will turn out to be adult scent, just like your neighbors! You may not still realize this but sooner than you know, all things will change and soon you'll find yourself missing them.

You may not notice it, but time is passing by so fast and you cant tell how many opportunities to see how your kids grow were and will be missed, just because you think you have better things to do. There are lots of things that keep us busy; wanting to live a comfortable life and provide them a better future can keep us occupied that we forget to live life each day.

Of course we need to work, and provide our family the best future we can give. But I hope that as parents, we see that as much as we find more time to earn money, we lose time for our kids that we can never take back. The key is to know our priorities and find ways to give them enough time.

Every parents have different set-up and work situations. While there are lucky who can afford to be a full time stay at home mom, some are working abroad, while others work in the office. There are also parents who work from home, just like me.

No matter what situations we are in, I'm sure we can work out our schedules and find time to connect with our kids, if we count spending time with them as one of our top priorities.

We live our lives every single day for things that will make us happy, comfortable, or prepared for the future. Why not we prepare ourselves for memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives... things that are free and money cant buy.


Dear Lord,

Im not good with lots of things. 
I am stupid at times and wasted a lot of opportunities
I am sometimes too selfish to notice 
the things that require my attention

But please dont let me miss seeing my kids grow
and waste time worrying too much 
about things that are yet to come
and things left undone

Let me be the mother you want me to be
the mother you expect me to be
and the mother 
I see myself to be

Let me see through your eyes
how wonderful and magical life has been
to the children I call my own
and  the life I know you own