Allow your kids to do artwork

Posted Wednesday, February 17, 2010 by lucky_witch
Artwork is very important for motor skills development of children. It allows them to express easily what they feel that allows us to understand them better. Artwork also improves child's creativity and awareness to the things that surrounds them. Sometimes our kids express a myriad of emotions some of which are not always socially acceptable to demonstrate to others. Artwork is an outlet where children are free to express their emotions in a safe and contained environment.As parents, many of us are surprised at what our kids have drawn at school as artwork helps in reflecting our kid's inner thoughts that we don't usually see surfacing them. Art can also be a portal into our kid's emotional and mental landscape that would otherwise be difficult to connect with as in the case of those who are disabled or challenged in some way.

If we are paying close attention to it, a child's art will show their strengths, weaknesses and general interests as well as their emotional mien. Profound and intense therapy can be performed, conducted and augmented with the introduction of art in a child's life.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that as parents we make sure that we encourage and facilitate our kids to this form of self-expression.

So with this, allow me to show you the artworks of my princesses:

This one is by Princess Cinderella

This one is by Princess Ariel


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