Holy Week

Posted Saturday, April 3, 2010 by lucky_witch
It's Holy Week. How did you spend your Holy Week?

This year, we didn't go anywhere. Unlike last year, together with the whole family, we went to Mount Manduyog, for Station of the Cross. And then we went to Mount Tigayon to watch the view of Aklan River. It was really tiring. And now, since I am pregnant and it's not advisable to climb mountain, we decided to stay at home.

Here are some pics we got during the last year Lenten Season:

Mount Manduyog

Mount Tigayon

Yesterday was the 65th birthday of Nanay Liza. We cooked Pancit without pork, only shrimp, we also cooked relyenong bangus and gelatin. We planned to buy ice cream but we can't find one. Sold out according to Mercury Drugstore, while the other stores are closed. We watched the church procession at night.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and of course I'm planning to cook some eggs to join the celebration of the Easter Sunday, Easter Egg. I'll be giving my kids one egg each later and will let them paint it and give it some life.


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