Princess Cinderella is Turning 6!

Posted Thursday, November 25, 2010 by lucky_witch
Few days from now, our Princess Cinderella is turning 6!

She doesn't know that she'll be having a birthday party. One time, we told her that we will give Baby Snow White in exchange for a birthday party. Since then, she keeps on telling us that it doesn't matter if there's no birthday party as long as we keep our Baby Snow White.


She loves her so much.

But as a mom, I am trying to give them the best that I can give. It's her birthday, and I'll try to make it unforgettable for her.

Earlier today, I went to Jollibee and paid the reservation fee for her birthday. I chose Jollibee since first, it's her favorite. Second, I can control the numbers of guests to invite and I have a better excuse for not inviting everyone but the kids.

The venue has a maximum capacity of 50 guests!

Then we ordered her birthday cake.

I know she'll know it soon.

I'm sure she'll be happy. =)


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