Never Been So Thankful

Posted Tuesday, February 8, 2011 by lucky_witch
I am a mellow dramatic person
I cry with little or no reason at all
I am hopeless romantic

Looking at my kids while they're sleeping
I can't help but ask
What good have I done
to deserve something as wonderful as them

I know I'm not a perfect mom
never been a perfect wife
nor daughter to my mom
But I'll never stop striving to be the best
I could be
Just to be worthy of them

I had my share of naughtiness
and craziness
and everything that comes in between

My life is not grand
I have nothing much to offer
I have loved and been lost
I once dream and failed
forgive and forget

I could have been much better
if only I did the right thing
But believe me
I was never been so thankful
with the life I have now


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