A Piece Of Loneliness

Posted Monday, May 2, 2011 by lucky_witch
Most of you moms will agree that we all sometimes get the feeling of loneliness seeing our kids grow. If only we could bottle all their toothless grin, newborn scent and innocence, then there will be a room full of priceless possessions.

Well, this morning I had this feeling. Looking at my kids, I've felt a sudden squeeze somewhere within. If only I can extend a year of their growth to 5 years, then I may have some more time to watch them like this. I want time to move slower so that I can have ample time to snuggle with them, or at least make up for the times I was not there.

Luckily, being a full time mother and a full time online worker, I was blessed to witness all the memorable firsts of my kids. I was able to document each and everyone of them. But as of now, I don't have enough courage to look at them. They only magnify the fact that my kids are growing too fast and soon everything will be memories. I know there will be a lot more memories to collect. I have plenty of room to accommodate them all. Maybe in a decade or two, I will be able to look at them and cherish all the memories... but not now, not yet.


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