Baby Snow White Turns 1

Posted Tuesday, October 25, 2011 by lucky_witch
Baby Snow White is now officially a toddler.
We celebrated her birthday at Nadal Castle.
The Frog Prince and I had a hard time deciding for the theme.
He wanted a character with wings so at first he was eyeing baby bee.
We actually had a plan of having the costumes tailored but when I saw the color motif, I became hesitant because it seems to be a motif for a baby boy.

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But then we saw Tinker bell, and we're set!

Warning: Photo Heavy
I was the one who personally made the costume of my 3 fairies =)

Baby Snow White in her Tink Costume

The Cake
Niknik- the lechon
Lechon was very tasty and the skin---crispy!
Of course, Pretty Ariel and Sweet Cinderella. Sorry for the blurry photo.

Photo before the party
With the clowns
I hate to say this but their performances were very boring. All guests agreed with me on that and I felt that I just wasted money. I was planning to hire Totoy Bibo clowns but they have already a booking for that day.

 And here are our guests

Godmothers and Godfather of Baby Snow White

Although the clowns failed to entertain us, still we're all happy.

This is the group pics with the rest of the kids


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