What is really with Jollibee?

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2012 by lucky_witch
My kids love Jollibee so much ( and I do too)
Whenever we go out and we ask them where they want to eat, without a doubt they will answer me Jollibee.  Even my 2 years old toddler loves Jollibee so much.

One day:

Me: We're going out.
Sweet Cinderella: Ok
Pretty Ariel: Ok mommy
Baby Snow White: My... bee? (translation bee=Jollibee)
Me: No, we will just buy groceries.
Baby Snow White: Yehey!

( Baby Snow White associate going out with jollibee)

After we reached Gaisano Mall Kalibo we went straight to grocery section. While I was paying the stuff, my kids were busy watching people passing by.

Sweet Cinderella is looking at the baby

Me: Do you guys want to eat merienda, a hotdog, siomai and ice cream?
Sweet Cinderella: Yes mommy
then the 3 of them started walking away...
Me: (puzzled) Where are you going?
They responded in chorus: Jollibee
Although I wanted to eat somewhere else, I just went with the flow :D

So, how much love do they have for Jollibee?

Baby Snow White says...

This much!


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