The Easter & The Egg

Posted Sunday, March 31, 2013 by lucky_witch
Hi guys! How's your Sunday?
I was thinking of joining the "Salubong Procession" pero I am not really a morning person so katakot-takot na will ang kailangan ko para magawa yun. And also, since Salubong is an easter dawn celebration, there is no way I can go to the nearest church because there is no tricycle pa sa ganung oras. And it is super scary to just walk the distance of around 3 KM from our house to the church.
We dont have a ride, ya know!

For the benefit of those who don't know what "Salubong" is, I've googled it for you:

Salubong is practiced in most Catholic communities across the Philippines, though it is more famously celebrated in the provinces, especially in Cebu, Angono in Rizal, Pampanga, and Naga in Camarines Sur.

The ritual recreates the imagined first meeting of Jesus and Mary after the resurrection.

As per tradition, it begins with two separate processions, where images of the Mater Dolorosa and the Resurrected Christ are carried from opposite ends.

“The womenfolk bring the statue of the Blessed Mother, covered in a black veil [called a lambong, a veil of mourning]. The menfolk carry the statue of the Resurrected Christ,” said Ronald Subida, an organizer of the Salubong in Poblacion, Makati.

Eventually, the two processions will meet at a middle point, during which an angel will lift the black veil from the face of the image of the Blessed Mother. The angel is played by a young girl from the community, and is typically suspended mid-air from inside a giant paper flower.

At the precise moment that the veil is lifted, the Hallelujah Chorus is played, and celebration ensues. In some places, such as in Poblacion, there are even fireworks. Usually, the event continues to an Easter morning mass.

The event is prepared for at least a week in advance, and the children who participate in it usually begin memorizing and practicing the processional songs as soon as school ends.


When I was young, my mom always take me with her. For the few years that I remember, the crowd is always thick and my mom never let go of my hand all throughout the procession. I remember myself trying to keep up with my mom because Im afraid I'll be taken by the crowd in another direction. It was one of the best childhood memories I have.

Now, we usually celebrate Easter at home. I have the "panata" of cooking eggs and giving them away to my relatives in the neighborhood.

And today is just like the past Easter Sundays.

Let's photo blog, shall we?

Early this morning, I boiled 2 trays of eggs. Here are my kids painting the boiled eggs. We just let it stand for around  half an hour or until the eggs were cold enough to hold. They were in a hurry because we need to distribute the eggs

These are the eggs after the drawing and painting session. I think they painted 2 trays of eggs. (So that is around 60 eggs)

Here is Baby Snow White trying to imitate the face of the egg just before she ate it!

Here is Sweet Cinderella doing her share of egg pose!

 And last but not the least, Pretty Ariel with her beloved egg.

So it is not just a celebration of the resurrection of our Lord, but also a perfect time to bond with the kids. :D

How about you? How did you celebrate your Easter Sunday.


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