Dear Sweet Cinderella...

Posted Thursday, August 11, 2011 by lucky_witch
Dear Sweetheart,

I know how much you want to join that singing contest. I've seen it in your eyes.
Forgive me if I didn't do anything about it.
You just don't know how painful it was for me.
But I want you to learn your lesson, and I pray that someday you'll understand.

My sweet Cinderella...
You know mommy is always here for you. But I want you to see that when you want something, you just can't decide to get it whenever you want to. You have to prepare yourself and try to give the best that you have. There are things in life that you have to be worthy of.

If only you've said it earlier, you know I wont let you down. I will give you everything I have, to give you the best chance to succeed. But just out of of the blue, you said you just want it--on the spot! I dont want you to feel humiliated because of lack of preparation compared to other participants. So I hope baby you understand, why I didn't let you to...

Remember this baby, I love you so much.


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