Shy Ariel

Posted Sunday, August 28, 2011 by lucky_witch
Last August 26, my daughters' school celebrated the yearly Buwan ng Wika Language Month. They divided the programs into 2. During the morning, they played "Laro ng lahi" (Filipino Indigenous Game). Ok, Sweet Cinderella didn't join the game "sack race". I guess she's not in the mood. But Pretty Ariel had fun with their "Going to market". Going to market is a game where the participants are divided into equal members. The idea is similar to relay game. Their goal is be able to go to market ahead of the competing group. One by one group members will wear bandanna and skirt, (even boys wear these) carry a basket and an umbrella, then head to market. A market is a certain area where participants will go then return to the starting line. Once the participant reach the market, she goes back to the starting line where her group mate is waiting. She will pass the bandanna, skirt, umbrella and basket to the next member and repeat the process. The first team who can go to the market will be declared the winner.

Pretty Ariel joined the game. I wasn't able to watch them because first, I have to work during that time. Second, I was preparing since there would be an afternoon program and I have to be there.

Anyway, here is the picture of Pretty Ariel: ( Just click to enlarge)

Pretty Ariel is not sporty. She is very graceful. That is why, I really can't believe she joined the game. Their team won the game that day. :)

Congratulations baby!


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