30 and Nothing

Posted Wednesday, September 14, 2011 by lucky_witch
Clock strikes 12...
I'm 30
I don't feel like celebrating it.
Not because I'm getting older.
But because I am celebrating here in the hospital.

Sweet Cinderella's pediatrician decided to continue her medication here in the hospital.
We have no choice but to stay here.
I feel bad, because I never really like hospital.

As of this moment I am waiting for my frog prince to arrive. Just as I've said here, I bought a prepaid Smart plug-it  and brought my mom's laptop here in the hospital so I can work.

My temporary working area

 But I dont feel like working because I am not comfortable working seeing dextrose and being disturbed every now and then by a nurse.

As of now, what I do is wait for the frog prince to arrive and hoping he can make my day better.


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