I'm Soooo...

Posted Wednesday, November 9, 2011 by lucky_witch
Yes, I'm dead tired. I've been carrying Baby Snow White the whole day. She's sick and wants to be carried all the time. I took her temperature, and it was 39.9 according to my digital thermometer.
She didn't want to her dada, She just want me.
I have no choice but to carry her the whole day.
I really know she was not feeling well. Baby Snow White is not a whiny baby when sick, but not this time.
She cries every now and then.
I hope I can ask her whats wrong.
I hope I can take away the pain. ( I guess every parents wish the same in situations like this)
I almost reached the point that I wanted to take her to the hospital
But decided instead to buy medicine and observe.
Frog Prince and I went to Mercury Drug and bought Tempra and Opalgesic (Did I remember it correctly? But its actually a suppository for fever.)

As of now, she's sleeping
and Im blogging.
She's ok now, no more fever but we will still continue giving her medicine round the clock until tomorrow
I hope she will be much better by tomorrow.

Sorry, no pictures for today. I really need sleep.
Goodnight everybody!


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