It's Measles

Posted Friday, November 11, 2011 by lucky_witch
What we thought was an ordinary fever happens to be measles. This morning, our baby Snow White started to have rashes all over her face, back and torso. I was actually lost at first and thinking if it's some sort of allergy or because she had a high fever days ago.

We decided to take her to her pedia. As her pedia examined her, he requested us to have her blood checked. He wanted to know whether it is dengue or measles. We went to MMG and have her blood extracted from her finger.
Frog Prince went out.
I understand. I knew he can't take it seeing Snow White being pierce.
I  have to swallow my feelings as there is no other way.
Baby Snow White cried so hard as the nurse pinched her finger to extract more blood.

We're so afraid. We don't know how we will take it if she has to be confined. I guess it won't be easy to any parents thinking what their dear baby has to go through when confined.

 We went home to eat and then went back for result.

We were praying. We were praying so hard. I've never been so afraid, not even during the time I was about to give birth.

As I got the result, I was terrified as I see a lot of low and high in the result. There must be really something wrong.

Gosh! I hope it's not that bad. 

We waited for around 30 minutes before the pediatrician arrived. His assistant took the result from me and gave it to him. I was anxiously waiting for him to call us. But it took a while. It actually seems years to me.

Then finally, he called us.

It was confirmed. Its measles! Thanks God not dengue.
Since the rashes are out , there's no way to cure it. We can't do anything about it but to make sure that it will not lead to any complications. We were given some medicines to help her maintain good body condition and  control fever. Then we went home.

As of now, I'm staying inside the bedroom while watching Baby Snow White. I never felt so helpless. I never experienced this kind of feeling because neither of her two older sisters had a measles before.


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