Stop and Watch

Posted Sunday, December 23, 2012 by lucky_witch
Yesterday, we went to Gaisano to see what they have in store that my wallet can handle. 
I still need to buy Christmas gifts for the kids
I usually spend 3/4 of my day in front of computer and just like everyone of you are doing, I "window shop"
I have seen a lot of good online stuff that my kids will surely appreciate
and although the qualities are out of questions, my  wallet cant simply handle the price hehehe

While roaming around, I noticed that I cannot hear Baby Snow White blabbing and singing anymore  so I checked on her. 

And this is what I found:

Baby Snow White was watching this cute adorable baby boy while playing his PSP
The little boy didnt mind Baby SnowWhite looking at him even though Baby Snow White's face was already on his shoulder.
His mother cant help but laugh on how they look and so am I.

See the watch that Baby Snow White is wearing? I bought that watch for 100 pesos I think with extra battery. Its a lighting watch and she loves it. So cheap! Tee hee!


I know Lord
you've been watching us from above
or wherever you are
 you dont mind if we dont mind you at all
you just keep on watching us
and let us enjoy what we are doing

I just want to let you know
we wont mind it at all
if you come nearer
and put your face on our shoulder

Thank you Lord 
for giving me time 
to pause for a while
to stop and watch



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