Posted Wednesday, November 3, 2010 by lucky_witch
Well, after months of debating, convincing and not to mention fighting with my beloved frog prince, he finally agreed to my "bunk bed" idea for our bed. If you know him, he is really hard to convince.  

But he knows me too well. I would insist if I want it badly. Even if I have to cry a thousand river, convince him every hour or do bargains just to get his approval. I am not sure how and why, but one day he told me that he canvassed for the kind of bed I like.

Trying to act innocent, I asked him if we are going to buy it. He said yes. I actually want to shout Yehey, but knowing Dada, although he's my frog prince, he also has the jolly monkey attitude and loves teasing and making fun of me.

Without saying it, I know he thinks it's another jologs idea of mine, hahaha!

Don't think that way too. For me, it's just practical since we are sharing a small room with our kids, it would be more comfortable for us to sleep. Although we bought Princess Snow White her crib, she's still sleeping with us because I am breastfeeding her.

Did it justify my idea? hahaha!
Dada won't buy that, he knows I'm good in reasoning.
And he knows ever since, I like that kind of bed.

Anyway, I won. The bed was delivered and that was the time I literally did the monkey dance (inside the bathroom)

At least now, no more mommy's dilemma!
Do the monkey dance!


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