Ticking Ticker Tick and Tick

Posted Monday, November 22, 2010 by lucky_witch
Hello everyone!

Just looking at my blog, I realized that the ticker I used while waiting for my two princesses to come home from vacation last May is WAS still on my blog. Silly me! So the poor ticker started counting down for the next May 2011!

Stop scrolling down, I removed it already hehehe.
Poor ticker... overworked.

Have you ever used countdown ticker to your blog or social networking accounts?

Me? I love using ticker.

I used it before while doing countdown for the birth of Princess Snow White and I'm not removing it yet.
I am planning to find a nice ticker for my 3 Princesses again for their birthdays.

You can even use it to count how many years, months, weeks and days you've been married.
Nice and sweet di ba?

If you want to try some tickers, you can find one @ lilypie  and disney tickers.
Have fun!


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