Why Saya Carrier Is The Best

Posted Monday, August 1, 2011 by lucky_witch
This post is looooooong over due. I bought my Saya last January 2011, when Baby Snow White was barely 3 months old.

Ok, don't give me that look. I admit that was 7 months ago. On the brighter side, because of that loooong gap, I'll be able to give you a decent, and more precise user review about Saya since I've been using it for months now.

I am a busy mom of three girls. We have a small store where I spend most of my time during the day while I'm working for some of my online jobs. At night, I simultaneously switch from being a worker to my boss, to a nanny to Baby Snow White, and a tutor to Pretty Ariel and Sweet Cinderella. Not to mention, all the touch and go trips with the Frog Prince to fix some errands and buying stuffs.

But ever since I bought my saya carrier, I can't live without it, esp during day out with the kids. Baby Snow White can sleep inside the Saya carrier for 4 hours straight. I don't know, but maybe she got the feeling of being carried by a hammock, whenever she's in my SaYa.

Here is our happy baby with the SaYa:

Also, I find it easier to carry her that way. No backache and shoulder pain at all. The fabric is soft but firm, enough to make Baby Snow White comfortable without sacrificing security. I don't have problem nursing her, because I can easily make use of saya as nursing cover whenever I need to. And whenever its cold, I use it to keep her warm. And now that she's older, I can carry her in different ways using my SaYa.

Here are some ways you can make use of your SaYa:

Duyan - cradle/hammock carry
Sakay - hip/side carry
Yakap - hug carry
Lakbay - back carry
Tangan - Buddha/Kangaroo Carry
Takip - as a nursing cover
(Grabbed from Mama.Baby.Love Site)
And believe me, I've tried them all. And they worked on different situations. :)

So if you are interested in buying your own SaYa, you can visit here.


  1. Kraze Kitch Bakeshop

    Hi.. we've started a Saya Baby Carrier page on facebook. Would you be willing to post your pictures there so we can collate albums of mommy baby-wearers? Guests are allowed to post so please feel free to do so.

    Thanks and spread the love!

  1. Li June

    Hi there,

    I bought a Saya Carrier but couldn't find any instruction on how to use for a newborn online. Can you pls teach me how to use it as a Duyan for a newborn? My email is clijune@gmail.com.

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